Macron Show Prank Calls



Merry F*cking Christmas From Macron – 12/25/15

Merry F*cking Christmas From Macron – 12/25/15 Macron and Andy do a Christmas special where we call up some Christmas complainers on Christmas day, Santas for hire and people selling Christmas items on Craigslist, plus a few others. Macron also addresses some of the crap that’s been happening this year and makes a few special phone calls. Happy holidays everyone!


The Macron Show – 12/12/15

The Macron Show – 12/12/15 This show features Macron, Dr. Charles, JagTV, Cracker, Aussiejack, Benihana and Turtle John and we mostly handle some great complainers, including a lady very unhappy with T-Mobile who does not like our attempts to help her one bit, a guy who goes berserk with us over his son’s car and a man who’s chunky daughter rolled over in bed and broke her phone plus loads more!


The Macron Show – 12/05/15

The Macron Show 12/05/15 Macron, Dr Charles, Benihana, Nashby and introducing Mr. Good take care of a whole bunch of complainers (for a change lol) and then play a round of The Walmart Rumours Game (with mixed results) and then proceed to get the entire floor of a hotel to bring urine samples to the front desk! Enjoy!


The Fat White Girls Show – 11/21/15

The Fat White Girls Show 11/21/15 A show of epic proportions! Featuring Macron, Dr. Charles, Carbon, Aussiejack, Benihana, Tobert, Nashby, Stalin Without The Charm, Illegal Smile and the return of Cracker! This week we handle a whole bunch of whiny bitches on Twitter, some craigslist weirdos, some folks wanting a free Xbox and more! This show also features live gunfire from Nashby and Stalin and Aussie’s daughter goes nuts. This one is not to be missed!