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Crazy Goose Farmer Gets ShoeDazzled – 12/08/18

Crazy Goose Farmer Gets ShoeDazzled – 12/08/18 On this show Macron and InkedGoddess tackle a fresh batch of Internet complainers and freaks including a couple who REALLY did not like their account being closed without a good reason, some ugly potatoes, an It Works customer who did not like robots at all, another lady with a disappearing money problem, a lady who took forever to even remember that she ordered a Christmas T-Shirt that never arrived and a very special lady who wanted to tell me her entire life story including tales of crazy goose farmers. We also came up with…


Horse-Car Machine Gun Nuclear Helicopter Explosion on Halloween AND Christmas – 11/30/18

Horse-Car Machine Gun Nuclear Helicopter Explosion on Halloween AND Christmas – 11/30/18 Sorry for the huge delay in uploading this podcast, I’ll try not let it happen again however it is totally Corporate’s fault anyway. This show name makes total sense too so don’t worry. On this show a drunken hooligan Macron upsets some poor people who for some reason don’t want to receive their Sunday paper every day, we cause chaos for a certain restaurant chain, we make a brand new friend who wants to do some calls with us, we sent a few people down the rabbit hole of…


Your Weekly News But Daily – 11/26/18

Your Weekly News But Daily – 11/26/18 This show features Macron, Corporate and InkedGoddess, at least for the time that poor sweet Corporate could stay awake! This time we deal with over priced customer service charges for a tire customer, a lady who ordered too much soap, a man who for some reason did not want to sign up to a monthly subscription for waffles, a very angry man who could not get credit for his new car and a man who could just not decide what day he actually wanted his papers, despite all of us trying to get…


The Interview – 11/17/18

The Interview – 11/17/18 This show features Macron, Corporate and InkedGoddess back once again with the best of the Internet’s complainers. This week we got a lengthy complaint about hair at Red Lobster, a crazy lady who just couldn’t order the right furniture, a man who accidentally cancelled all his papers forever when he went on vacation, and a very long call from a guy who really wanted to come work for us but struggled with our crazy interview questions. We also hung out with the fans and invaded some more conferences and generally had a lot of fun! As…


Spiderboob – 11/05/18

Spiderboob – 11/05/18 This show features Macron and poor sweet Corporate who was only trying to do his job and do the best that he could do to help. This show features spiders, escaped boobs, hairy pizza, missing magazines and a man who couldn’t figure out where he wanted us to send his re-humidifier! Despite every effort being made to provide the world’s best customer service a lot of people rudely hung up on us and were downright abusive to poor Corporate, who had a really bad day at work. We still had a lot of fun though! As always…


The Great Catsby – 10/27/18

The Great Catsby – 10/27/18 This show features Macron, InkedGoddess and for the first time officially Corporate! Once again we focused on tackling the world of annoying complainers with some hilarious results, we got a guy who had to enter a quiz show to earn his very own bank account, a TV that caught fire for no good reason at all, a 20 year old vacuum cleaner that for some reason wasn’t working perfectly, a crazy man who took his own knife when he went out to eat and a very nice couple who Macron genuinely tried to help after…

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