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Sweet Capuchin Monkey – 07/15/18

Sweet Capuchin Monkey – 07/15/18 Sweet Capuchin Monkeys we’re back again! After a short break to move house Macron and Chumley return again with more crazy nonsense. In this show we tried to call a scammer selling sweet capuchin monkeys, made a preacher cook and taste his own urine, made the whole Build A Bear pay your age debacle even worse and generally had a good time hanging out with our awesome listeners. Thank you for all the amazing support recently during our little absence and especially everyone that donated so I could do shows via 4G until I get…


Independence Day Dumbness – 07/04/18

Independence Day Dumbness – 07/04/18 Today we celebrate our independence! By calling up a bunch of complainers and random stuff for sale on Craigslist of course. This special show features Macron and Chumley and real bunch of very special people, and by very special I mean REALLY stupid people this time. This show is a little shorter than usual as Macron is in the middle of moving to a brand new super secret base of operations in which to conduct the business and so has to get up real early tomorrow to move his high tech studio and pranking machines!…


Big Chimpin – 06/29/18

Big Chimpin – 06/29/18 Oh man he finally went there. Advance warning tonight’s intro music was only about 10 minutes long instead of the usual 20 as I was super late getting started due to some obligations, nevertheless this show was still awesome. Macron and Chumley take on the world’s complainers once again with some amazing results, a very angry lady who didn’t like the staff at the Olive Garden, a Yankee who got told he wasn’t welcome at the waffle house and a very confused man who didn’t seem to understand why his fridge broke to name but a…


Revenge Of The Rednecks – 06/24/18

Revenge Of The Rednecks – 06/24/18 Back once again like the crazy maniacs we are Macron and Chumley do another epic long show to end a great weekend of pranks thanks to our awesome supporters. Named this show after a very special little guy with more than a few hangups on racial issues, listen to find out all about it. We also had some very angry complainers who for some strange reason seem to be able to hear us when we’re on hold including multiple fast food complaints as usual, problems at the dollar store, people getting fired, arguments about…


Poop In A Jar – 06/22/18

Poop In A Jar – 06/22/18 That’s right poop in a jar people! It happened! This show features Macron and Chumley back in action yet again with another crazy long show thanks to all the fans who listened live, who just won’t let me stop! This week we got a dude to poop in a jar to check for worms, listed off an extensive list of porno parody titles to a really cool guy, got yelled at extensively by a guy over a 20 Cent discrepancy when he purchased Coca Cola, offered a replacement skeleton to a guy with a…


Weak End Of Ringing Part 2 – 06/10/18

Weak End Of Ringing Part 2 – 06/10/18 As promised here is part 2 of our super special weak end of madness, this time featuring Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess too! As we’d hoped there were a lot more pickups in this show including a few people who didn’t respond yesterday. Once again complaints ranged from poor fast food service, missing deliveries, a very confused woman waiting for her tax refund, a lady who had to post her clothes back to North Korea because she was too fat to wear them any more and many many more great calls. Very special…


Weak End Of Ringing Part 1 – 06/09/18

Weak End Of Ringing Part 1 – 06/09/18 In the first of this weekend’s special super double feature machine Macron and Chumley attempt to call another smorgasbord of complainers, most of whom were difficult to get a hold of, rude, uncooperative and definitely very difficult to deal with. We got the usual upset fast food customers, a woman who was beside herself with fury over not getting a 0.30 cent discount, dirty hotel rooms, more failed airbags on Ford cars and a whole bunch of other garbage. Since these stupid complainers made it so difficult tonight we decided to cut…


The Launch Party – 06/02/18

The Launch Party – 06/02/18 Welcome to the specially extended launch party show! Featuring Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess as celebrate all things skeleton replacement! Actually not really this is just about 7 hours of us handling complaints as usual, but that is a real website and we are now using it to direct all our skeleton replacement customers and donors! This show has an extended piece by a definite real life meth head, fights at convenience stores, some red hot Chimbles action, lots of terrible fast food service, a couple that had to move their Kit Kat bars and couldn’t…

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