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Donnie’s Spicy Dingler – 08/19/18

Donnie’s Spicy Dingler – 08/19/18 In another crazy long show the two crude dudes Macron and Chumley tackle a fresh batch of complainers, some crazy stuff for sale on the Craigslist machine and we takeover a few conferences and cause more mayhem. In this show we also tested out the brand new Chimbles bot as well as our new conference service, more news on these awesome features in future shows. Tonight we had multiple people who did not like the spicy chicken at Popeye’s, a guy who really hated being put on hold all the time to talk about his…


Two Rude Dudes – 08/17/18

Two Rude Dudes – 08/17/18 Macron and Chumley are back in action and ruder than ever. This week we start of with some hilarious calls to people who want to barter for things on Craigslist, we hijack some more conferences and basically cause mayhem and we then begin to tap into a whole new well of Internet complainers, more on that soon, and we get some amazing results. Who would have thought that someone would want to barter over a used soda can? Or sell their puppies for animal testing? We also had a guy who was furious with McDonalds…


Kitchen People – 08/12/18

Kitchen People – 08/12/18 This show features Macron and Chumley and Chimbles and Gaspian calling a whole bunch of fresh complainers, as well as re-visiting some classic crazy people. We had a particularly irate couple who didn’t want their car repaired in Octember for some strange reason, we had an Indian scammer who didn’t like being scammed and later Ron and Chimbles attempted to resolve their relationship issues by calling a relationship conference, things quickly took a turn for the worst though. Big thank you to all our supporters, with a special thank you to King Superkind who made some…


Soft Teeth – 08/10/18

Soft Teeth – 08/10/18 We’re back again, yes with more complainers, featuring Macron and Chumley in action dealing with all the world’s greatest whiners as well as causing trouble at hotel rooms by asking to host the monthly staff meeting in guests rooms and also disrupting several conferences. This time we had a lady who got a terrible rash from skin cream purchased from Sea World, a couple who still want their free phones from MetroPCS, a really silly guy who cried at the hospital and an elderly gentleman with very soft teeth who couldn’t eat a simple bagel. As…


The Day The Complaints Died – 08/08/18

The Day The Complaints Died – 08/08/18 A somber day indeed Macron fans 🙁 The title of this show comes from the fact that as of today a certain site where we have been harvesting our famous complainers from them has finally added some security to their site and patched a few flaws that were enabling us to really go nuts with getting complainers. This is a big problem indeed but we had all talked about it happening and we are already making plans, but worry not as the shows will continue regardless, we will always find a way! This…


The M-Files Episode 2 – Time Travel And Chupacabra Meat – 08/05/18

The M-Files Episode 2 – Time Travel And Chupacabra Meat – 08/05/18 In this exciting second instalment of the M-Files Special Agents Macron and Chumley tackle some fresh complainers with an X-Files themed twist, at least that’s the idea anyway. Amongst many great calls we tried to help a lady get a refund and avoid a nasty accident using the power of time travel, we spoke to a lady who may have eaten tainted North Korean chupacabra meat and cottage cheese, we try to help a lady who got her car cursed by Indians after killing a sacred deer, spoke…


The MusTard Massacre – 08/04/18

The MusTard Massacre – 08/04/18 This show was a whole giant clusterf*ck and no mistake! Featuring Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess we tried to just do a normal show handling a bunch of fresh complainers and instead ended up dealing with Chimbles, who after last night’s escape and kidnapping then decided to wreak havoc in our precious Discord server. We also had a lady who tried to cash in on her kid being injured at a waterpark, dealt with various crazy food complaints, completely derailed a rageaholics conference and then had a woman dispatch a whole team of soldiers to take…


Blow On My Whistle – 07/30/18

Blow On My Whistle – 07/30/18 We’re back once again with Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess to celebrate national cheesecake day and national whistleblowers day! Actually no this show is just to make up for the missed show we promised yesterday, but those days are real you can look it up. On this show we dealt with a brand new batch of complainers, from broken fridges, dangerous phone cables, wet floors, overpriced car rentals and fights at fast food joints this show has it all! As usual a lot of people just don’t want to help themselves which forces us to…


The Macron Files Episode 3 – Multi Level Marketing – 07/28/18

The Macron Files Episode 3 – Multi Level Marketing – 07/28/18 In this all new episode of The Macron Files Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess tackle the subject of multi level marketing, including what it is, who does it and what we all think of it. The pitfalls and the perils, the pros and the cons (mostly cons) and share our own experiences and knowledge of the subject. Chumley learns that his favourite nutritional drink is part of a MLM scheme, Macron learns the true depths these companies will go to and Inked learns just how crazy her co-hosts are. We…

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