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Deltagate – 08/13/16

Deltagate – 08/13/16 The Deltagate special show! Featuring Macron (obviously!) Dr Charles, JagTV, Mistress Morgan and the return of Llama. In this show we decided to take advantage of this week’s computer meltdown at Delta airlines by harvesting a whole bunch of people complaining about them on Twitter. We had…

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PokeRon Go – 07/23/16

PokeRon Go – 07/23/16 Welcome Pokemon Go Fans! This show features Macron, Mistress Morgan and Dr Charles. In this show we say goodbye to Dr Charles for a little while as he is going off to have a baby! Congrats Dr C! This show featured a few classic complainer /…

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Blackman Lives Matter – 07/09/16

Blackman Lives Matter – 07/09/16 This show features Macron as always along with Dr. Charles and JagTV. In honour of recent events we called up people selling guns in Dallas, but not real guns, we found paintball guns, airsoft guns, nail guns, glue guns and Nintendo guns of course! We…

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Return Of The Mac – 06/11/16

Return Of The Mac –  06/11/16 After a short break Macron returns with his usual blend of comedy and mayhem. This show features Macron, Dmitri, Asthma, JagTV and Gloria! In this episode we call a whole bunch of random Craigslist people, we attempt and very much fail to call several…

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Ghetto Gaggers – 05/21/16

Ghetto Gaggers – 05/21/16 This was a complete cluster*ck of a show that featured Macron, JagTV, Llama, Carbon, Xyzqwa, Marvici and Mr. David King. In this show we call some unsuspecting Craigslist sellers as well as some random hotel rooms. I can’t remember much more than that but it was…

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